Julianne Alford MHA, PT, ATRIC

Julianne Alford , PT received her Physical Therapy degree from California State University at Long Beach and a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from Chapman University. She specialized in Neurological Rehabilitation in Southern California before moving to Northern California where she began managing and operating outpatient and inpatient facilities. She later became a multi-site,regional manager overseeing rehabilitation operations of SNFs, IP , HH and OP facilities in the rural areas of Northern California.

Julianne’s professional development eventually led her to Spokane, WA where she began working with Dr Bruce Becker PM&R as an Aquatic Therapy provider. She has studied Aquatic Therapy in Europe and received Master Certification in AiChi, Burdenko, Halliwick and Bad Ragaz. She has also been trained in Watsu and developed aquatic applications for Feldenkrais Method, Pilates and Yoga. She became certified through ATRIC and began teaching aquatics for them, as well as with Dr Becker internationally. She trained with ATU and became fully certified as an instructor in 2017. Julianne has trained Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physicians and Physiologists all over the world.

Julianne continues her work with Dr Bruce Becker through various academic endeavors. She has authored a chapter in Dr Becker’s text on aquatics and still teaches with him internationally. She consults with Eastern Washington University, as well as internationally, for the training and certification of PTs, MDs and exercise physiologists. Julianne serves as a consultant with therapeutic pool companies and medical facilities for development of their sites and training of their staff. Julianne is recognized world-wide as a premier aquatic Physical Therapist and has taught therapists’ and physicians all over the globe in aquatic therapy.

Julianne specializes in spinal rehab and the treatment of failed back surgeries, and has developed manual techniques using the properties of water. Application of these techniques and exercises for the successful transition of aquatic patients from water to land based therapy programs. Julianne has also trained and become a specialist in SI and shoulder dysfunctions using MET and manual techniques utilizing the properties of water. Julianne and her staff also provide treatment for many women’s health issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, pre-post delivery issues, geriatric bone issues and other problems unique to our female clients.